Invited Symposia


Innovative micro/nano tools for molecular detection and cellular modulation
Session chair : Hideaki Tsutsui
Na Li University of Miami
Probing the mechanism of melamine-induced gold nanoparticle aggregation
Peter Lillehoj Michigan State University
A microfluidic biosensor for multiplexed detection of bacterial pathogens
Jianping Fu University of Michigan
Micromechanics tools for mechanobiology, stem cell culture, and systems immunology
Norihisa Miki Keio University
Innovative biomedical devices enabled by micro/nano fabrication technologies
Deok-Ho Kim University of Washington
Matrix nanotopography as a regulator of cell function and tissue regeneration


Biologically inspired micro and nanoengineering
Session chair: Deok Ho Kim
Hideaki Tsutsui University of California at Riverside
Optimization of chemical and physical factors toward clinically enabling culture of
pluripotent stem cells
Sunghoon Kwon Seoul National University
Partipetting and liquid microarray for ultrathrouput bioassays
Nathanial Hwang Seoul National University
Biomimetic substrate-dependent myogenic commitment of hESC-derived cells
Kwan Hyi Lee Korea Institute of Science and Technology
Quantitative molecular detection of pancreatic cancer target biomarkers using highly sensitive hybrid nanoprobes
Jungyul Park Sogang University
Controlled self assembly of nanoparticles in microfluidics and its applications