Abstract Submission

IMPORTANT: Please refer to the instructions below to prepare your 2 page Extended Summary. Your submission will NOT be reviewed and automatically rejected if you do not follow the general guidelines below on the requirements of the layout and templates for IEEE-NANOMED extended summary.

Online Submission

The abstract submission page is now opened.


Requirements of the Layout

  1. Page Limit. The page limit is 2 pages. Any extended summary submitted with more than 2 pages will NOT be accepted.
  2. Margin requirements
    Paper size A4
    Top margin 19mm
    Bottom margin 43mm
    Side margins 13mm
  3. Manuscript should NOT contain any
    • Page numbers
    • Headers
    • Footers
  4. Author List. The author names should be listed in the order of First Name, Middle Name or Initial (if any), and then Last (Sir) Name. DO NOT indicate any membership UNLESS the author is a member of the IEEE.
  5. Figures. Ensure every figure in your paper is clear enough, with a standard of 300 dots per inch (dpi).
  6. References. Refer to the template file below for the IEEE style of reference citations. Please do NOT use reference styles from publications of other societies or organizations.

The above basic adherence to layout specifications is expected. However, you are free to use good judgment in the presentation of your information.

Extended Summary Template

You may download the Extended Summary Template as an aid for your formatting.

This is only a standard template from the IEEE. Please modify it accordingly to fit IEEE-NEMS requirements.

Sample 1 Sample 2 Sample 3 Sample 4
A very good
A very good example
but with some minor
A good example of
Extended Summary
where figures are not
all in 1 page.
A good example of
Extended Summary
where figures are not
all in 1 page.

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