Poster Presentations

Poster Schedule

Presenters are required to setup and take down their posters by their own. The conference will NOT be responsible to keep your posters if you fail to take down your posters by the schedule.

Board and Poster Size

The poster board is self-standing and is 2 m high x 1m wide. The recommended maximum poster size is 1.5 m high x 0.8 m wide.

Format Requirements

  1. To create uniformity in the poster area, we ask that all posters be hung starting at the top of the poster board.
  2. Double sided tape or push-pins will be provided for your use.
  3. Completely prepare your poster well in advance of the conference. There will not be time nor materials available for last minute preparation at the conference.
  4. The title of your paper should appear at the top of your poster in with lettering of at least 1 inch (2.5 cm) high. Below the title, place the authors’ names and affiliations
  5. You are recommended to ensure your poster is of 2 meters visibility.